What’s happening at the Shetland Textile Museum ?


The main one is Machine Knitting or Hand Frame Knitting,

Machine knitting gave women the opportunity to be business women with many employing family and neighbours to help produce garments which could be sold privately and not through the local merchants.

Our other exhibition is The Bella Tait Collection.

Bella [1928 -2000] was a very talented knitter and her family have kindly donated all her work, together with her patterns and makkin belt to the museum for which we are very grateful.

There is also the Loom Room which has Adies of Voe last working loom, together with a selection of weaving and a taatit rug.

And at last making its welcolme return in the Muckle Gravit which you can add a few rows [or more if you wish].

Then of course there is our wonderful shop, full of work from over 40 different makkers. Not only knitting and weaving, but buttons, yarn some hand spun, knitting belts, books and lots more.