Jennie's handspun

Due to COVID-19, our museum and shop haven’t yet been able to open this season, but you can now commission items from our makers, who are still producing their wonderful wares at home. For a fuller selection, go on over to our Facebook page, where there is an album in the Photos section entitled “Commissions“.… Continue reading COMMISSION YOUR OWN UNIQUE PIECE OF SHETLAND KNITWEAR !

Winter Elsewhere

Shetland Textile Museum demonstrator/volunteer Ingirid Eunson spent a week in the very north of Sweden, visiting the STM custodian Brita Hövenmark. Another visitor with Brita from Shetland/Durham Uni was Illona Kater, who is planning a Phd around reindeer, climate change and other changes which might affect reindeer-herding in the North. (Many of you will know… Continue reading Winter Elsewhere

What happens in the Winter?

“I don’t suppose you have much to do in the winter, once the Böd shuts down after Wool Week.” We often hear this sentiment expressed, and smile wryly……… Today was definitely a day in the winter, with snow covering the garden as I set off for my weekly visit to the Museum. Thick jumper over… Continue reading What happens in the Winter?

ARMS & LEGS! Shetland Textile Museum Competition 2017/18

Have you been wondering what’s been happening with the “Arms and Legs” competition ? Sorry to keep you in suspense. Due to popular demand, we kept our “Fae da Laft” exhibition up much longer than originally intended, so we only managed to set up the competition exhibition this week. Judging took place tonight, 29th June – and took quite… Continue reading ARMS & LEGS! Shetland Textile Museum Competition 2017/18

Spinning and Makkin’ Nights

What began as a single Spinning Evening a few summers ago has evolved into a regular fortnightly occurrence, starting in May and continuing to the end of August. Initially only a few people came, with their spinning wheels, but gradually the word spread, and when we set up our Facebook page, it spread further and… Continue reading Spinning and Makkin’ Nights

Teaser – Shetland Textile Museum Competition 2017/18

Our official launch of the Shetland Textile Museum’s competition will take place this week! With the same principle as our previous competitions, the entry has to be an original and made with Shetland wool. This can be within the realms of; knit, crochet, weave, felt, taat – any medium, as long as it is within… Continue reading Teaser – Shetland Textile Museum Competition 2017/18

50 Tips from Shetland Knitters

If you haven’t already heard, Hazel Tindall and Elizabeth Johnston will be launching their new DVD/Download entitled “50 Tips from Shetland Knitters” on Thursday 31st August, at da Bȏd (Shetland Textile Museum), at 6pm.The DVD will be playing at the launch, and Hazel and Elizabeth will be there to answer questions, and sign copies.