We are very proud of our shop, which showcases the very best of Shetland creativity and sells work from the best “makkers” in Shetland.

Over 60 of Shetland’s knitters, spinners, weavers, button-makers, jewellers, wood-workers and designers of all kinds bring their wares to us at the start of every season, and every year, our visitors gasp in astonishment at the quality of the work on display.

Many of the items can not be found elsewhere and, among the hand-knit items, almost every one is different, so you can be sure of buying a unique product.

On the shelves you’ll find lots of hand-knitted gloves, mitts, hats of all descriptions, scarves, shawls, haps (yes, they’re different!) as well as some fine-gauge machine-made scarves, wraps, cowls, gauntlets. We also have hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns.

Then we have wooden jumper boards, glove boards, sock boards, mitten boards, spindles, yarn bowls, yarn keeps, spinning wheels (but they don’t stay long….)

You’ll also find brooches, ear-rings, buttons….. books, DVDs, knitting patterns….. and things we probably haven’t even thought of yet, but which may appear on the shelves over the course of the summer. Well worth a visit !

We appreciate many of you are unable visit us, but we are taking commissions on behalf of our makers, so have a look at the Blog page entitled “Commission your own unique piece of Shetland knitwear“, then proceed to our Facebook page, and enjoy browsing the photos in the “Commissions” Album.