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  • Knitting & Spinning Demonstrators Video
    Our volunteers demonstrated knitting and spinning at the Shetland Textile Museum this summer for those that can only access the museum online.
  • Test before you travel
    With domestic travel throughout the UK gradually opening up, many are now planning a trip to see new sights and explore new places. Shetland is the perfect destination for the kind of outdoor, activity holiday many will be looking for. Our community has worked incredibly hard over the past year to keep levels of coronavirus… Continue reading Test before you travel
  • Competition 2021
    Yes, we’re having a competition in 2021 ! Surprise, surprise, it’s the same as the 2020 competition – we’ve decided to continue it, as Covid-19 meant we weren’t able to have our usual exhibition. If you remember, the theme is “AT THE BEACH”, which should be a fun place to be, so we want you… Continue reading Competition 2021