Shetland Textile Museum is a community museum in Shetland – the only one of its kind dedicated to the islands’ textile heritage.

Entry fee is £3. Unlimited access to the Shetland Textile Museum for the season costs £5.

Located at the Böd of Gremista, the Shetland Textile Museum has been a registered Scottish charity since 1997.

Recent Blog Posts

Winter Elsewhere

The Shetland Textile Museum's custodian, Brita, has another life outwith the Böd - she spends the winter at home in Sweden, above the Arctic Circle.

What happens in the Winter ?

“I don’t suppose you have much to do in the winter, once the Böd shuts down after Wool Week.” We often hear this sentiment expressed, and smile wryly………

We are closed

We are now OPEN for the season, and will close at 5pm on Saturday 6th October 2019. Hours 12.00 - 5.00, Tuesday - Saturday..

How to get to the Museum