Barbara Gray, Chairman of Trustees
Barbara’s background is in Administration. Her organisational skills are helpful in both her main roles, as Chairman of Trustees and Collection Curator which includes care and storage, exhibitions and displays, listing and indexing. Barbara says she is not a knitter, but is in awe of the talented makkers and demonstrators.

Barbara Cheyne, Trustee
Barbara is the Meetings Secretary. She is also a knitter and demonstrator, and has demonstrated Fair Isle knitting in Japan for the British Wool Marketing Board in the early 1990s. She has been a Core Tutor during Wool Week and has garments with instructions in various publications.

Ingirid Eunson, Trustee
Ingirid lived for many years in Fair Isle, where she was a member of a co-operative making and promoting Fair Isle knitwear. She prefers to spin these days, and now looks after our group bookings.

Lauretta Robertson, Trustee
Lauretta has been a Trustee of the Shetland Textile Museum since its inception.  A skilled knitter and pattern writer, particularly of lace, her knowledge is invaluable when cataloguing or preparing new donations to the Collection.

Dorota Rychlik, Trustee
Dorota set up Shetland’s first organic farm on the Isle of Vaila producing natural coloured Shetland wool. She runs Vaila Fine Art in Lerwick.

Elizabeth A Willimason, Trustee

Elizabeth has been captivated by the distinctiveness of Shetland knitwear since childhood and is intrigued by the process and techniques traditionally used that characteristic its uniqueness. She is keen that this Shetland identity is safeguarded and conserved.


Carol Christiansen, Museum Mentor
Carol is Curator and Community Museums Officer at Shetland Museum and Archives, but is also Mentor to the Trustees, providing us with professional advice when required. She is the author of Taatit rugs the pile bedcovers of Shetland, amongst other publications.

Visitor Services Attendant,

Working – from left to right: Barbara Gray Trustee and Linda Newington our Archivist and Librarian