The Böd

The Textile Museum is housed at the Böd of Gremista, in Lerwick, Shetland.

The Böd is a restored fishing station and is particularly special as the birthplace of Arthur Anderson, himself a champion of Shetland textiles who gifted Queen Victoria with stockings in Shetland fine lace.

History of The Böd

The first people to live here were the family of Robert Anderson, manager of the fishing station at Gremista. A böd is a booth or central building of a fishing station from whence workers were organised, stores were kept and where fish was processed and exported. Some böds were seasonal but this one being so near to the town was a permanent home as well as a business premises.

The building fell into disrepair and was saved from demolition by a farsighted group in the 1980’s. It had been a shop, a series of rented rooms and a storage place. Some people say it had even been a house of ill repute but we do not know anything about that!

Arthur Anderson

The Böd was the birthplace of Arthur Anderson, for more information about him, please click here.

Your Visit to The Böd

There are demonstrators working every day at the Bod. You will meet skilled practitioners of Fair Isle or lace knitting and many days there are spinners and weavers as well. They will be pleased to meet you and tell you about Shetland knitwear and answer any questions you may have about techniques, patterns or yarn.

Opening Times.

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 12.00 - 4.00. Other times by special arrangement. (2020 opening 4th August - end September/beginning October)