What might you find at the beach ?What might you find at the beach ?The theme of this year's competition is "At the Beach" - which should be a fun place to be, so we want you to have some fun with this one.

Think of all the possible things which could be associated with the beach - a shell, a kite, a sheep (in Shetland they come down to the beach to eat the seaweed), an oil tanker, a picnic blanket, some plastic, driftwood, lots of different kinds of birds, a whale, a sunbather, Take the dog along the sand.Take the dog along the sand.a dog, some fish, an octopus (Osla from 2018 might make an appearance), a deck chair............ there's no limit to where your imagination might take you !

You could bring your knitting.You could bring your knitting.You could weave a deck-chairYou could weave a deck-chairYou can use any medium you like - knit, crochet, weave, felt, cross-stitch, tapestry, macramé, whatever.

The only restriction is that you must use Shetland yarn, it must be original, and the majority of the item must be hand-made. Any age can enter, and from any part of the globe.

.....or a blustery, cold day......or a blustery, cold day.You might see a puffin.You might see a puffin.All entries must be accompanied by an official entry form, which you can download here.

It might be a very hot, sunny day.....It might be a very hot, sunny day.....The form has all the Terms and Conditions, so please read them carefully before you send us your entry.

What's that in the water?Any further questions ? Contact us via the website, email us at shetlandtextilemuseum@gmail.com, or via Facebook, Instagram or Ravelry.