WANTED ! Original items in Shetland wool.

Knit, crochet, weave, felt any medium, as long as the theme is “Arms and Legs”.

Closing date 1st June 2018. Osla

Any queries please feel free to email us, or message us on our Facebook page.

The 2018 competition is about arms and legs. Entries may be anything from an interesting garter or wristwarmer to long stockings or maybe even sleeves without a body, eg a shrug, and anything in between. Hands and feet may be included, but must form only a small percentage of the item.

The judges are looking for original designs – we welcome quirky, unusual or elegant, but let your imagination run riot !

As long as the entry is made from Shetland wool , any medium Is acceptable


1. Knitting

2. Crocheting

3. Weaving

4. Felting

5. Any other medium

6. Group any medium

7. Children (under 16) – any medium

All entries must be accompanied by a signed official entry form which can be found here: entry form